1. If you have previously used the LMU Pre-Professional Advisory Committee you may request a copy of your Committee evaluation be sent to the professional schools to which you are re-applying. Only your composite committee evaluation will be sent; faculty letters cannot be sent again by this office. The request form to release a copy of your committee evaluation can be picked up in the Academic Affairs Office, 201 Duke Hall. This can only be done the following year after your file is reviewed by the Committee. Under no circumstances will the re-applicant be reviewed again by the Committee.
  2. It is very important to get your application in early.
  3. As a reapplicant, it is in your best interest to solicit new faculty letters to be submitted directly to the schools to which you are applying. These letters of evaluation should be written on departmental/individual letterhead and not on the Committee faculty evaluation form.
  4. You should also know that it is generally considered a big “NO-NO” to enroll in a graduate program that you do “NOT” intend to complete.
  5. It is usually best to schedule an appointment at the professional school in the summer to discuss how you can improve your application for the following year.