Welcome to the website of the Pre-Professional Advisory Committee

Your source of information and help in applying to dental, medical, law, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy & veterinary schools


The mission of the LMU Pre-Professional Advisory Committee is to help LMU undergraduates fulfill their dreams of entering a professional school.


  • Serve as a repository of information on applying to, and matriculating into, professional schools
  • Provide career counseling for students interested in applying to professional schools
  • Write recommendation letters based on faculty recommendations, transcripts, personal statements and interviews for students applying to professional schools

The Role of the Committee

The Pre-Professional Advisory Committee is here to help those students whose academic goal is to enter a professional program.  Such programs include dentistry, engineering, law, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistants and veterinary medicine. The committee provides informational seminars to guide students during their undergraduate careers, and maintains this website as a source of information on all aspects of matriculation into professional schools.

The LMU Pre-Professional Advisory Committee is composed of faculty from several undergraduate schools. The major activity of this committee is to provide evaluation letters to professional schools.   These letters are based on evaluation letters from faculty as well as transcripts and curricular vitae.  While use of the committee is not required, most professional schools strongly encourage applicants to use the committee at their university.  Students must register to use the committee.  Information on registering and using the committee is found elsewhere on this website, and will be provided at the informational seminars.

Current committee members are:

  • Dr. Vina Diderrich-Faulkner, Associate Professor of Veterinary Science and Chair, Department of Allied Health, Schenck Center, 423.869.6407,
  • Dr. Jack Mansfield, Assistant Professor of Athletic Training and Director, Athletic Training Education Program, Tex Turner Arena, 423.869.6322,
  • Dr. Aggy Vanderpool, Associate Professor of Biology, 119 Avery Hall, 423.869.6463,