Emergency Information

Emergency Notification

Signing up with e2Campus will allow Lincoln Memorial University to notify you immediately in times of emergency. You may provide up to two phone numbers for devices capable of receiving text messages, as well as one email address for email notifications.

  • To create an account you must have a valid Lincoln Memorial University email username and password.
  • Note that if you change your LMU email password in the future that you will have to update this account separately.
  • To have your password for e2Campus reset, use the the Forgot password? tool below.
  • For help with e2Campus, we urge you to contact the help desk at or call 423.869.7411.
  • It is a person’s choice to participate in this service. If you choose to participate you must sign-up to receive messages from e2Campus.
  • If you change cell phone carriers, you will need to update your account, even if you keep the same phone number.
  • Note: Standard text messaging fees apply.

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To use our Mobile (SMS) opt-in program and sign up/unsubscribe via text messaging, go here.

To update your account information (phone numbers or email), login below with your current LMU username and password (the same username and password you use to log in to your Email):

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