LMU Mini-Grants

2015-2016 Mini-Grant Awards

Dr. Natalie Spar

“Library of the Society   of Friends Archival Research”

Mr. Mark McGinley

“The Appalachian   Shakespeare Project”

Dr. Jason Fowler

“Investigation of   Structure-Function Relationships at the Active Site of Human Cytochrome p450   Reductases Using Site-Directed Mutagenesis”

Dr. Julie Hall

“Using the Nematode C. elegans as a Model to Elucidate   Cellular DNA Damage Responses to Environmental Toxicants”

Dr. Jacob Fait

“Sources of   Motivation:  Instrumental Analysis”

Dr. Okeniyi Oke

“Comparative Study of Annual   Sales Revenues in Bell, Kentucky and Claiborne, Tennessee:  A Longitudinal Business Analysis,   1997-Present”

Institutional Mini-Grant Application