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Campaign 500: "Count Me In"

The purpose of Campaign 500 is to increase the NUMBER and PERCENTAGE of alumni who support LMU with a monetary contribution. This is not intended to replace your regular giving program. The 500 Campaign is designed to show BROAD support and interest from a large number of Alums. This campaign was developed in cooperation with the Division of University Advancement at LMU.

Objectives of the ZTKAA Campaign 500 are as follows:

  • Increase the number of contributors by 500 Alumni each year for 10 years.
  • Increase the dollars contributed by $5.00 for each Alumni who says “Count me in!”
  • Encourage LMU Grads and Alumni Chapters to follow suit by promoting Campaign 500 throughout their own networks.

Did you ever stop to think that Lincoln is our only president to appear on two monetary units—the penny and the five-dollar bill?!  Chances are you have a jug of coins somewhere in the house. Chances are even better that most of these are Lincoln Pennies.  The next time you count yours, say “COUNT ME IN!”  Set aside the first 500.  Convert these to five dollars and join the 500 Campaign.  Complete the form linked below and SEND ABE HOME!

Alumni percentages are vital in fundraising and many foundations ask what alums give back before they will fund requests for grant support. How does LMU rank with other schools of similar size and mission? It is difficult to show exact comparisons, but recent figures show that LMU undergrads are not as responsive as those in other colleges. The following illustrates this point:

  • Milligan: 32%
  • Berea: 28%
  • Carson-Newman: 10%
  • LMU: 5.22%

We invite you to join the ZTKAA with your gift of at least $5.00. Be counted! Copy this message and send it to five or more of your LMU friends, acquaintances, and former students. Let’s increase the total by 500 contributors every year for the next ten years. This is one small way to signal how much your LMU education has meant to you.


Count Me In Project Form
Count Me In Sample Cover Letter


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