Safety and Security

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Traffic RegulationsOfficers

All student vehicles must be registered with the Office of Enrollment Management & Student Services (EM & SS). Vehicle registration covers one academic year from first day of fall classes to the last day of the summer session. The registration fee for the year is $30.00 per vehicle. Should the need for a temporary sticker arise, the office of EM & SS should be contacted. Parking stickers are issued after the student has registered for semester classes. Stickers are issued according to status (faculty/staff, LMU student, or JFWA student) and students are categorized by residential or commuter. Parking tickets are issued to those who do not park in the appropriate spaces or disregard other vehicular policies.

Ticketed Individual’s Conduct
The LMU Campus Police and Security team prides itself on the ability to recognize, assess and react appropriately under any circumstances. The university expects appropriate behavior from faculty, staff, students and visitors when approached by a LMU Campus Police and Security Officer. Individuals must maintain appropriate behavior during the issuance of a ticket or other interaction with Campus Police and Security members. Any form of verbal abuse directed toward any authorized ticketing personnel will not be tolerated and is a fineable offense that may result in corrective actions. Driving while intoxicated or the transportation of alcoholic beverages on campus, within or without a vehicle violates campus policy and is not tolerated. Violations will result in appropriate fines and the loss of driving privileges on campus, as well as referral to the university Prevention Counselor. LMU Campus Police and Security officers can unlock cars or boost cars with dead batteries upon request; if services are available.

Fines for traffic violations must be paid in cash or check in the off of EM & SS within 72 working hours of being ticketed. Fines will be placed on student accounts with an additional charge of $2.50 assessed for billing when not paid within the stated time frame.

Illegal Action/Fine
Unregistered/Unidentified vehicle - $15.00
Illegal Parking - $15.00
Speeding - $25.00
Reckless Driving - $50.00
Discarding/Tearing up a ticket - $50.00
Disregarding/Traffic Signs - $25.00
Parking on grass or dirt area - $25.00
Unauthorized handicap parking - $200.00
Fire lane parking - $75.00

Anonymous Tip Line
LMU Campus Police anonymous tip line. Click here for more information.