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Sexual Harrassment/Assault Statement

It is policy at Lincoln Memorial University that sexual harassment or assault, or any other form of harassment or assault, will not be tolerated. The University affirms that students have a right to study in a positive atmosphere free from sexual harassment and abuse.

Sexual Assault Prevention Tips:

  1. Students should always carry their room keys with them, be aware of where they are going and know a quick and safe way home whenever practical.  
  2. Be aware that sexual assaults are generally not perpetrated by an unnamed attacker on the street, usually it is someone you know; more often than not, sexual assault victims are familiar with the perpetrator.  
  3. Have a partner go with you when going out so that you can take care of each other.  
  4. Enroll in a self-defense class. Most people who take self-defense classes typically feel more empowered to handle serious situations than they did previously.  
(Prevention Tips provided by CEASE-Domestic Violence and Sexual Assualt)