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2013-14 Lincoln Ambassadors:


New Ambassadors:

Julianne White
Abigail Bellamy
Nicole McKinney
Mallory Tucker
Summer Robinson
Marcel Barwanietz
Josefin  Hedstrom
Caleb Widener
Ashli Motsch
Dustin Fowler
Hunter Slemp
Ryan Nelson



Returning Ambassadors:


C.J. Ausmus
Dylan Burnett
Clark Debusk
Brad Maldonado
Rachel Vienneau
Brittany Jenkins
Emma Miller
Courtney Wheeler
Christine Hickman
Sonya Sayani
Emily Jones
Andrew Tyler Justic







Traditional LMU Letters Photo - Survival Weekend


Mission Statement - What keeps us focused

As Lincoln Memorial University Lincoln Ambassadors we dedicate ourselves to serving our campus communities as ideal inspirational representatives for student life and the University Mission. We promote in our daily student and social lives the encouragement of enthusiastic, informed, and connected participation in all communities as driven by both the tradition and reputation of the institution. We enhance life throughout the region with a positive individual and group example of service leadership to the university and community at large.



Frequently asked questions:


"How do I get to be a Lincoln Ambassador?"


The Office of Student Services sends requests for LA recommendations to LMU faculty and staff mid-way through the spring semester each year, after which we generally receive about fifty recommendations. We send an application packet to each nominee. That packet includes an application, a request for two written recommendations, and a request for the student to choose one of two LA training dates. Upon receiving these application back, we schedule an interview with each interested student. We then conduct our two separate student leadership trainings before the end of the semester.


Semester Requirements: Maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA, 25 or more hours of community service as a Lincoln Ambassador. 


"What are some things Lincoln Ambassadors do each year?"

  • Summer Orientations

  • New Student Survival Weekend Activities

  • New Student Matriculation Ceremony

  • Student Leader Training by all new LA / participation by veteran LA

  • New Student Sexual Assault Prevention Seminar

  • Homecoming Activities

  • SCOOP Day participation

  • Convocations

  • Alternative spring breaks

  • Cumberland Mountain Fall Festival

  • Dodgeball Meets

  • Admissions Preview Days

  • Phone-a-Thon assistance

  • Campus Life Committee of Board of Trustees Q&A Session

  • Alumni Board Meetings

  • Campus Tours

  • Production of Lincoln Ambassador Pamphlets

  • Christmas Tree Lighting / Symphony Performance assistance

  • University promotions during photography and filming on campus

  • Volunteering time for youth coaching

  • Food and Supply Pantry Drive

  • LA Web Page Design and Maintenance







How we take on the challenge of community leadership

  • Easing the transition of new students into the university environment
  • Highly visible through Campus Admissions and Advancement / Alumni work
  • Speaking / working with local schools groups
  • Speaking and / or attending regional civic group meetings and conferences
  • Communicating through this LA website
  • Attending festivals and other community functions
  • Participating heavily with LMU Homecoming activities
  • Proudly wearing / displaying our LA logo as a means of branding our leadership efforts
  • Being highly involved in campus activities and organizations

  • Being ourselves (both leaders and followers)

  • Participating in local and regional news events



    Organizational Advisor:

    Turner Bowling

    LMU Director of Residential Life

    423.869.6294 or



    6965 Cumberland Gap Parkway, Harrogate, TN 37752 :: 423.869.3611 :: 800.325.0900 :: Email Webmaster