Open Rush, Pledge, Actives...'FUN' WEEK!!

Before heading to Greek Week learn what these terms mean, and more!

What is a sorority ?

A sorority is a sisterhood. It is a diverse group of women who work and interact closely with each other to achieve goals, both individual and common to the group.

What is sisterhood and what are the benefits?

Sisterhood has so many meanings it is hard to define.It means that we are always there for each other, putting our sisters' needs above all others.  It means that we can be comfortable to laugh or cry, to have fun or fight and know that whatever the outcome we are still sisters at heart.  Being a part of a sorority gives you an extended family, one that you will never forget.

What is the difference between open rush and closed rush?

Open Rush is just that, open.  Everyone is invited to come and meet the active members of Kappa Pi Omega and our brothers, Gamma Lambda Sigma.  During Open Rush you are encouraged to get to know us and what we are about by asking questions and through socializing with our members.  

Closed Rush is reserved for those girls who have been accepted by the sorority as pledges. This function is more formal and is by invitation only. Coming to Closed Rush means that you have accepted our invitation and are now a pledge of the Kappa Pi Omega sorority.  

What is pledging?

Pledge: One who has been accepted as a probationary member of a sorority or fraternity. After a period of education about the sorority/fraternity and fulfilling specified requirements, she/he may be initiated. (Also referred to as new member.) The pledging process of Kappa Pi Omega usually lasts for six weeks.  During those six weeks pledges participate in several activities, which can be both mentally and physically challenging. These activities help to create the bond of sisterhood between the pledges as a group and also between the actives and pledges.

What is Cross Over?

Cross Over is a formal ceremony to instate a pledge as a full Active member of the sorority.  At this ceremony the Kappa's give the new members a sorority pin that only members can wear.  Now that you are an Active the fun and WORK has just begun!!  If you thought it was hard to be a pledge, just wait until you become Active!

Greek Terms You Need To Know!

Active: A sorority woman who has been formally initiated by her organization.

Alumni: An initiated member who has graduated from the University but is still a Kappa at heart.

Greek: A member of a fraternity or sorority.

Rush: A function held by Greeks for undergraduates interested in becoming a member of their sorority or fraternity. Prospective pledges are able to meet with the members and learn more about the organization at Rush parties.

Greek Alphabets: The letters of the Greek language - some may find these important to know....

Pledge Mistress: This is the Active with the Info. She is responsible for the pledges and all of the activities that they are required to participate in.If you have questions or problems while pledging your Pledge Mistress will be there to help as much as possible.

'Fun' Week: The last week of the Kappa pledging process is affectionately called 'Fun' week by Active members. Throughout this week a pledge is constantly tested to see how dedicated she will be once she is an Active.Just remember, each Active member has been through 'Fun' week and survived, so it can't be that bad...right?

Big Sister: A Kappa Big Sister is the one Active that you will become closest to. While you will bond with each of your prospective sisters, a Big Sister is assigned to you to be a guide and source of encouragement while you are a pledge.

Good Luck and happy pledging! If you have any questions about pledging, please e-mail us at