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First Year Experience (FYE) Program

Mission Statement: “The Lincoln Memorial University First Year Experience (FYE) Program will introduce freshmen to on and off campus experiential activities assisting their college transition and success, including academic and social skills, team building, student / citizen service learning and leadership, and career path planning.”  

LMU FYE is designed to give freshmen an ideal first year college experience. They will form more valuable relationships, become socially and academically more comfortable, and learn to express their voice as a freshmen class community. All of this should help students know themselves, their community, and their university in a way that promotes understanding and success. 

Registrations / Orientation: Our FYE begins well before school commences. During New Student Registrations / Orientations, incoming students begin immersion into the LMU community with the assistance of Student Services staff, Lincoln Ambassadors, R.A.I.L.S. (Recruitment and Interactive Leadership Students), and other student leaders, in order to ease a quicker transition into college life. New students are also given a working copy of their FYE Transcript.   

NSSW: During the weekend prior to the beginning of school, students participate in a number of FYE events during New Student Survival Weekend (13th Annual in 2014), including: Early residence hall move-ins, Matriculation, Convocation, motivational seminars on college success, social gatherings, residence hall meetings and a campus safety presentation. Students are assigned a freshman cohort group and begin working together during the weekend.

UACT 100: Strategies for College Success (two credit hours) students make up cohorts. During the semester, instructors, student leaders, and other faculty and staff serve as cohort mentors as students begin group work and team building on such activities as community service projects and SGA bill writing. Lincoln Ambassadors attend and mentor class meetings. Guest speakers will not only present in UACT classes, but during freshman only convocations each semester. Students not enrolled in UACT courses are placed in cohorts as well. Additionally, students are expected to establish membership in at least one campus organization. Student athletes get organizational credit for their sport.

FYE Transcript: All of these experiences are logged electronically within the Office of Student Services. FYE approved events (a mix of social, academic and hybrid activities) are determined and marked clearly on monthly Student Activities Calendars. There are currently 30 events required for completion.

Communication: Emails to FYE group, calendars, Pathway announcements, poster advertisements, class / group announcements.  

Incentives / Rewards: All students completing their FYE requirements will be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship drawing at the end of the academic year, or, winner is drawn from top 10% of point accumulating students.  

LMU First Year Experience (FYE) Transcript (as of March, 2014 / Subject to change)

New Student Survival Weekend Activities
  • Preview Days / Railsplitter for a Day (optional)
  • Matriculation 
  • Student Success Presentation
  • SAILS Information Literacy Pre-Test  
  • Campus / Personal Safety / Green Dot Program
UACT 100 Strategies for College Success
  • Cohort Assigned / Mentor Assigned
  • UACT 100 Course
  • UACT 100 Community Service Group Project
  • Ropes / Confidence / Team Activity (Optional)
  • Team writing SGA bills / campus issues
Non-UACT 100 Student Cohorts
  • Cohort Assigned
  • Mentors / Student Meeting
  • Community Service Group Project
  • SGA Bill Writing
Leadership / FYE Speakers / Roundtables
  • Convocation #1 (During New Student Survival Weekend, Freshmen Only)
  • Convocation #2 (All students)
  • Convocation #3 (Freshmen Only)
  • Convocation #4 (All students)
  • One Leadership Seminar / Activity per semester
Community / Organizational Involvement
  • Organization Membership (one campus organization required)
  • Student Service Initiative (SSI) Community Service Fall (10 hours)
  • Student Service Initiative (SSI) Community Service Spring (10 hours)
  • Attendance at Fall Leadership and Service Fair
Academic / Social Functions
  • At least four qualifying student activities per semester
Career Path Planning
  • Resume / Cover Letter on file                                    
  • KJ Profile / Inventories on file
  • Attendance at Career and Job Fair