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Joshua Dodson

Winter Bridge

cold flowing winter water.
distant sky readying snow.
warm breath cloud–frozen.
heads and necks kept covered.
cardinals perched on branches above
a slender wooden bridge.

two patches of land connected by the bridge
separated by water.
the cardinals above
commingle with feathers of snow
that leave them covered
on branches now frozen.
the cardinals’ gaze–frozen
upon the solitary bridge,
and the land, covered
now by drops of water
and gentle flakes of snow–
falling, meandering from above.

expanse above,
air tightly frozen,
suspending snow,
settling on the bridge.
slowing water.
the ground now covered–

still and covered–
with ice and snow above.
the water
on the ground is frozen.
the bridge,
now blanketed with snow.


suspended above, the snow
in frozen air. covered–
the water and bridge.


Two cardinals have
Been visiting the branches
Of the maple outside my
Window for the past week
A male and a female
One vibrant
One muted in the background

In the rain they sit, miserable in their beauty
In the sun, haughty and flamboyant


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