Curt Klinghoffer

Barack Obama

He is an ace that the Lord
Had up his sleeve all along
Mysterious face rising out of the ashes
The Lord mixed from thousands of wars

He is the jewel of cremation
Of innumerable soldiers and flags
The smoke of the ages billows before us
Forming a tuxedo from rags

He is a speck of the stardust
That glowed through the fires of Pompeii
By design the Lord left us to wait for this light
That reaches the millions today


She is at the end of winter
She is where the soft winds blow
She’s the flower that was pushing
Ever present in the snow

She is radiant as sunrise
She is slow to take my hand
She is holding it forever
In the fires gently fanned

She is wrapped around the sepulcher
She’s written on the tomb

She’s the sun that blazes endlessly
Reflected by the moon

If you see her in the shadows
With the sparrows in her gaze
It is you who cast the shadow
As the sparrows fly away

Out of Everything

Thank you for stopping in today
It’s wonderful to see you
Unfortunately, we are out of everything

The corn did not produce this year
As expected a lean year for beef
Milk was low with the blighted cows

Our shirts are out of makers now
The pants supply is low as well
No more workers down in sweatshop hell

Our entertainment aisle is dismal too
No more remakes to fill CDs
Nor could the movies copy themselves any more

Since creativity was euthanized
Little art left to sell, you know
The writers have run out of words

This cash register however is for sale
It’s quite a sleek electronic thing
As for our other stock, do stop back

We are out of everything –e-