I Am…Me

I am black and yes, I am white
But, what is race?
A style, An attitude, A kind, A creed?
Is it your place to tell me...who I am?
I am not defined by my race…I am defined by me.

Black is not a personality, a trait, a way, a manner
So I conduct myself in such a behavior
That you cannot claim me as your own?
And you, you there, you cannot accept me because of the tint of my skin?
You must be afraid,
Afraid of someone who can stand on both sides…
Someone who can play both worlds…
Someone who IS both worlds!
Ahh…that must be it.

The confidence I carry within myself makes me look past your shortcomings,
I don’t desire to be accepted by you,
Nor do I desire to be defined by you.
I am my own, I am me…
Yes I am white!
But most certainly black!