Too much devastation
For one lonely little island
In the blue Caribbean
What karmic wrecking ball
Befell these shattered people
Fine sand and water lapping
On Bahama and Bimini
And just black smithereens
Here in Haiti

Swallowed by Time

Maria’s laugh
The sloping hills
The cardinal in the azure sky
Red, blue, green
Dissolved like pills
Were any of these
Ever mine?
Pictures fading
Through my throat
I cannot call them
Swallowed by time

Boat upon
The simmering sea
Liquid life runs out of me
Dancing people dot the shore
Sandy granules in my hand
Were any of these
Ever mine?
Images fading
Back the tide
I cannot hold them
Swallowed by time

Dreamless sleep
To sleepless dream
Something swirling in between
Turning through this night of stars
The sun will rise but it is far
Planets fading
Through my mind
I cannot see them
Swallowed by time

The Wrong Clothes

I have worn the wrong clothes
My jeans are tight and my blouse is low
And in the wrong village where all soon will know
The lashes awaiting me there

I have the same long black hair
It is curled in a bun in my hijab
I am sorry for flesh that is soon to be burning
For I have worn the wrong clothes

These men with the knives in their eyes
And the blood on their hands are still laughing
They hold holy books but all that they know
Is that I have worn the wrong clothes