A Broken Way

I’m broken like a wild horse that no longer bucks -- I have no spirit to run free.
I once had a dream, and now I only dream of you;
Though, it sounds bitter-sweet
It simply is as it is (let it be).

The sun sings to the stars,
But the Earth takes its glory selfishly.
Life may not exist without it, but it will exist without life.

I could write a joyful love song, but it would only be half true:
How can I sing praise and love with no strife?
I could, but it would be a lie
Because I’m barely hanging on to this life.

Man, with his cities, stole the stars from the sky;
Though the horizon is dark and gray from below,
The stars can be seen on Earth from the clouds.

Repeating every sentence with the word “I”,
Feeling egotistical,
Drowning in narcissism,
I only think of “You”.

(nothing new here, just saying the same thing everybody else knows).

Black holes open and steal parts of my soul,
Then they close before they can be recaptured.
I am a block of cheese molding and filled with worms,
Yet I have never been so delectable.

Do you understand?
This is my way of saying
I love you.