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I'm Gonna Love You Through It

by Ashley Pritt

The year that I turned eight years old, my mom came home to my sister and me and explained that she had cancer. Being the eight-year-old that I was, I didn’t completely understand what that meant but I did understand that it wasn’t good. I now know that her cancer began in the stomach lining, and would eventually spread. As my mom began her first round of chemo, and later her second, I grew up (as cliché as it might sound) at a much faster rate than typical children.
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Insecurity in Secrecy

by Caitlin Golding

Dear Caitlin,
You hope to change the impression people get about you this year. Instead of seeing a dork you hope people just see Caitlin. You also hope to change your attitude toward others. You would love to improve your knowledge. And you want to know all there is to know about eighth year.

I remember receiving this letter at the end of the school year and being overwhelmed with sadness because not only had people’s impression of me not changed, it had gotten worse. I put so much effort into hiding my insecurity, but it was all to no avail. People still saw me as a nerdy dork whose only friends were her cats. As a 13 year old girl, the opinions of your classmates mean the world to you, and to them I was nothing, so I started to actually believe that I was nothing.
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"To Narnia and the North!"

by Alex Spangler

Recently, I’ve found myself revisiting old books of mine that I remember having a profound impact on me in some way. This one is merely the first of many! When contemplating favorite childhood books, I don’t have to dig very far in my memory to recall The Chronicles of Narnia. This enchanting high fantasy series by C.S. Lewis has everything an avid fairy-tale fan and aspiring fantasy writer could ask for: alternate worlds and kingdoms, talking beasts, kings and queens, warriors and magicians, good versus evil. Needless to say, after reading only one of the books, I fell in love instantly.
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Featured Student - Ashley Pritt

Ashley is a junior Psychology major from Knoxville, Tenn. She enjoys being actively involved on campus by particpating in various organizations and activites throught the year. For the past two years, she has participated in two plays put on by the Railspitter Playhouse. In addition to that, Ashley is a member of Kappa Pi Omega, one of the three sororities found on campus, which is dedicated to serving LMU and the surrounding community. In this video, Ashley shares her experiences at LMU thus far. Contact Ashley by email if you have any questions about her video.

Contact our Admissions Office for more information regarding our application process or for additional questions at 423.869.6280 or by email.

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