Current Actives

Jose Almanza, President

He enjoys playing soccer and hanging out with friends.  He is an Accounting major that is planning to graduate in May 2014.  He enjoys helping people with their academic problems and will try to help as much as he can.  He is currently the President of the Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity. You can contact Jose at 865.816.0488. 

Miguel Medina, Vice President

He enjoys playing video games and playing different sports.  He is a Management major that plans to further his career by later going on to graduate school.  He is the Vice president of the fraternity and enjoys helping the fraternity.  He can be contacted at 865.604.3375

Nick Maycann, Pledge Master
Nick is a Pre-Med major that plans to go to graduate school in the near future.  He is a junoir at LMU and enjoys playing football and rugby.  He is the fraternity's Pledge Master and a vital part of the fraternities success.  He can be contacted at 865.771.7048

Rusty Coons, Historian
Being raised in the Cumberland Mountains, Rusty understands the area the most of any of the Alphas. Through his rough childhood, Rusty found peace within the Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity. Since his crossover in 1965, Rusty has uncovered many facts about the Alphas that they would not of found out otherwise. While he is very smart, he is unable to use a computer because of his paws, so he is unable to be reached via Facebook or by phone.

Dr. Quinton Wacks, Falculty Sponsor
Dr. Quinton Wacks has been the Alpha faculty sponsor since the group rechartered in 1987. He was an active Alpha from 1965-69; a psychology faculty member since 1974; department chairperson from 1993-2003. Dr. Wacks is a native of Lee County, VA. He enjoys people, reading, photography, trekking and travel, and has visited Nepal and Mt. Everest, Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro, Peru and Machu Picchu, New Zealand and Australia, and Europe & Alaska.


While words can only describe the members of the Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity so much, we encourage you to get to know us in person! If you would like to setup a time to meet any of the above members, please do not hesitate to contact Jose at (865)816-0488!