About Us

The Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity was founded on May 11, 1927 as the first social Fraternity on the campus of Lincoln Memorial University. The Fraternity grew out of the rich tradition of literary societies of the late nineteenth century.

During the years that have followed, the Alphas have initiated more than 600 brothers. The ideas of brotherhood, leadership, and character development are stressed among members. The Alphas recruiting tends to attract individuals from a very diversified group of characterisitcs, making the Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity a good choice for anyone.

Alpha Lambda Zeta is the only local Fraternity that has been a chapter (1980 – 1984) of a national Fraternity (Sigma Phi Epsilon). On January 29, 1987, the local Fraternity was re-charted. In the first two years, it won the top social organization award and became the largest Fraternity on campus. In the spring of 1988 and 1996 and again in 2003, the Alphas won the Greek Organization of the Year Award for outstanding contributions to the campus community.

The Alphas are well known for their very close Active/Alumni relationship, that allows them to network with eachother, assisting in fundraising and other events, even providing references for potential jobs around the United States.