Each semester, School of Business students participate in the Business Strategy Game as part of their senior capstone experience. The Business Strategy Game allows our students to compete against other players worldwide in a realistic business simulation. The simulation allows each company to enter the shoe selling business in an effort to corner the market. Each week during the simulation, students make business decisions to run their company, utilizing the plethora of management, marketing, finance, and accounting skills that they acquire in the School of Business. At the end of the simulation, the companies with the best performance in each industry are invited to compete against the best among the other industries.

Congratulations are in order for the following LMU School of Business students: Kelly Duncan, Katherine Jackson, Addison Middaugh, and Tyler Sumner. Their company, AthletiCo, won their industry’s competition and was invited to participate in the Best Strategy Invitational competition. Furthermore, the company tied for the number one spot, globally, two weeks in a row based upon their business prowess. The team competed for this honor against 5,250 different teams spread among 318 universities including the University of Alabama, the University of Texas, and Texas A&M. Well done, managers!