Master of Business Administration

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Student Testimonials

"The MBA Program at Lincoln Memorial University has given me the tools necessary to be successful in this challenging economic time. I am able to look at problems my customers face and apply the lessons I have learned to provide a full business solution, not just a temporary fix. Obtaining my MBA has opened doors that present limitless possibilities."
-Travis Honeycutt, 2010 MBA Graduate

"I casually looked at several MBA programs but found that the time I would invest in traveling to classes in Knoxville or further would take quite a bit of my time. I then saw an ad about MBA classes starting close to my home in Sevierville. My wife and I met with Dr. Michael Dillon and were pleasantly surprised with the availability of classes and affordability of the program.

The faculty is willing to work with us and were interested in our learning and success in class. Working full-time and taking classes was challenging at times but not overwhelming, and we kept a steady pace to attain our degrees without trying to over-burden ourselves.

I was very pleased with Lincoln Memorial University's commitment to excellence and to providing a challenging and rewarding program. I would highly recommend LMU to anyone considering getting a master's degree."
-Jon H. Elder, MBA, 2012 MBA Graduate

"The LMU MBA Program has given me confidence to excel in a competitive job market and business environment. The ability to take classes in a traditional classroom environment and online allowed me to complete the program while still working full-time. I recommend the program to those considering an advanced level degree!"
-Kable Nunnally, 2011 MBA Graduate

"My instructors were easily accessible outside of class for questions and discussion and brought a great deal of real-world experience to the classroom.

An MBA from LMU provided me with the necessary tools to succeed in today's challenging business world where employers are constantly looking for ways to do more with less."
-Jonathan Dewitt, 2012 MBA Graduate

"The coursework is challenging, but I have realized that each professor has made a commitment to best prepare their students to be tomorrow's business leader. This, in turn, has encouraged me to become a better student. I have already had colleagues compliment me on my ability to provide concise quality solutions to problems in a time-efficient manner."
-Kevin Gordon, Class of 2012

"The DO/MBA Program at LMU-DCOM does a wonderful job of catering the business classes to medicine and the obstacles that we will soon potentially face with starting a practice. The flexibility with scheduling classes has made it very simple to complete the requirements of the business program and the medical school simultaneously."
-Grant Stone, LMU-DCOM Student, Class of 2013

"The DO/MBA Program at DCOM is geared specifically for those entering the medical field. While gaining an understanding of general business concepts, I felt that I was able to apply those skills directly to the medical industry through medical related cases and class exercises. The professors entertained questions and discussion regarding medical insurance, hospital administration and private practice. I would recommend th8is program to any DCOM medical student who wants a better understanding of the financial aspect of medicine."
-D. Craig Barnette, LMU-DCOM Student, Class of 2014

"The DO/MBA Program offers a unique insight into the business side of medicine. The professors utilize a learning style that promotes real world applicability while small cohorts foster extensive engagement and discussion. The MBA Program is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge base and complement your medical education."
-Kenneth Sands, OMSII, LMU-DCOM Student, Class of 2014

"My DO/MBA experience so far has proven to be outstanding both in quality and overall value. The additional skills I have learned as a part of the MBA courses help give me confidence that I will be not only a better physician, but a better leader in the health care arena. The faculty and staff are wonderful, and the program is specifically tailored to the needs of future health care professionals. Anyone wishing to excel in their career as a physician would be wise to consider pursuing their MBA through this program."
-Jade Palazzola Gallimore, LMU-DCOM Student, Class of 2015