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Blog: Julianna Childers

by Julianna Childers Julianna Childer

My name is Julianna Childers, and I’m a senior at Lincoln Memorial University. I have been here all 4 years and wouldn’t change it for anything. I was born and raised in Florida and trust me, Tennessee was a huge culture shock. I am studying criminal justice and I’m hopeful I will work for the FBI one day. My first year in school was a huge change for me. I had never been away from home, and spending the first couple nights away was scary, but I made it. In the winter of my freshman year, was the first time I ever saw snow! I dragged my roommate out, Karen Boleska, who is from Canada to go out and run in it with me. The look on her face said it all, she was like “you’re kidding right, I see this all the time.” But I wouldn’t take back my decision on coming to LMU for anything. Around LMU there is a lot to do, especially if you love the outdoors. You can hike, bike, fish, 4-wheeling, etc. I love it, I’ve always been a fan of the outdoors(thanks to my grandfather). LMU happen to be the furthest college away of all my choice, but I needed to get out and see the rest of the country.

When it comes to soccer it takes out a huge part of my college life. But yet, I’ve learned it’s not everything. When soccer starts in the fall season, it’s 2 hours every day, usually 6 days a week. For most people that seems like a lot, but for us soccer players it’s just only the beginning. We have anywhere from 1-3 games a week totaling about 20-23 games all season. The girls who have been on the team have truly changed my life. They have been there when I needed them the most and yes at times we fight like sisters. But one of our team values is “Family.” We truly are just that, because we spend a lot of the fall season together. We go out and do things with each other even on our days off from soccer. This will be my last season, and yes it’s sad it will be over soon, but I’m glad I got the chance to experience it.

Julianna Childer

Lastly, when it comes to the spring semester, LMU changes drastically. On one side of campus you have Frisbee golf going on, while on the other side is sand volleyball tournaments. Yes the spring is our time “off” from soccer but yet we still have plenty to do. If I’m not studying for tests or doing conditioning for soccer, you can usually find me out at Lake Norris or on some back road fishing. When it comes to college, school always comes first, but if you plan wisely you will never be bored. Around LMU it sometimes does get boring or you feel as if there is nothing else to do, but trust me you ALWAYS find stuff to do. Whether it’s playing pool in the student center at all hours of the night, walking around campus to see your friends or teammates, or having movie nights with all your friends, no one will ever seem to be BORED. I wouldn’t change the last four years of my college experience and I can’t wait to see what is going to come. Hate to cut this short, but school is calling my name.

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