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Week #1 Blog: Becky Thompson

by Becky Thompson Becky Thompson

My name is Becky Thompson, I am a junior on the Lincoln Memorial women’s soccer team and I am from wonderful Frederick, MD. I have been blessed with the most amazing and supportive family in the world! I am an environmental science major with plans to go to graduate school for coastal zone management. I am, as my team calls me, a “tree hugger.” My major is very challenging but at the same time rewarding. I get to take classes where I get to go to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico for spring break and take SCUBA as an elective. But with all of the “fun” classes come many challenges. Currently I am working on my junior seminar project where I am assessing benthic macroinvertebrates in the Powell River in order to evaluate the health of the river and aid in the rehabilitation and the reintroduction of endangered species in the river. Before you groan about how boring that may sound, just know I get to pick through soil for bugs you can hardly see with the naked eye while listening to my iPod for hours at a time. Ok, yeah, probably still boring to you, but I am also working on a documentary on the Powell River, which will eventually be on YouTube!

Beck Thompson

Enough about that though. I am lucky there is a spell check on this computer because so far I have misspelled most words, mostly because my hands are frozen from the wonderful futsal practice we had on the tennis courts today—while it was snowing! And not only was it snowing, I am pretty sure my coach was trying to sabotage my team’s chances of winning. As I am writing this, I am listening to Bob Marley; makes me feel like I am on a beach instead of in the cold snowy mountains. I started my morning like an all-star athlete, eating my Wheaties (no joke). Fueled up with that and took my aquatic ecosystems midterm, then come back cleaned up my room a little and did some homework. I then went to Wal-Mart, which is one of any LMU student’s favorite past times. You can spend hours in there. I got a new oven mitt because my other one was falling apart, which is good because I am becoming a great cook with a couple of my other teammates -- Sarah Taylor and the worst cook on the planet Jessica Meyer. We’re going to make some good ole’ fashioned chicken n’ dumplings pretty soon! I am known for my double chocolate chip cookies. Syd Bailey is my number one fan because she is our team’s cookie monster! Later tonight, I am heading to Pump Springs Baptist Church to help out with their Wednesday dinner. I am a member of The EDGE College Ministry with about 10 other soccer players. Always a good time, even though we are competitive. In an action-packed scavenger hunt on Monday, we managed to steal each other’s team vans, have a fire extinguisher explode and still manage to lose and get denied cookies! No doubt, I was a sore loser; I was blessed with a will to win and a fake smile when I lose.

After dinner tonight, I am going to have an ice cream sundae party for Aaron McKenna, who is on the men’s soccer team. He doesn’t know yet, so I know he will be so happy. I mean, who wouldn’t, it’s ICE CREAM. We would head to Dairy Queen, but they tore that down at the best time possible, for them at least. You get a free blizzard whenever it’s snowing, It’s been snowing every day for like three weeks; therefore, they are saving money and saving my waistline. But they are building a new one, and it looks amazing, I am missing my strawberry cheesecake blizzard so I hope it comes quick! After all that, I will come back to my room and make myself do some biometry homework, watch House Hunters on HGTV then finally go to sleep and have another great day tomorrow! Maybe classes will be cancelled because it is supposed to snow!

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