Why not preserve the stories that you and your elders can tell?  You know your children and grandchildren will be glad to have this record. Join award winning documentary filmmakers Georgann Eubanks and Donna Campbell of Minnow Media, LLC in two workshops geared toward making documentaries using tools you have in your home, your car, and even your pocket! For more about Eubanks and Campbell, visit

$20 each or both for $30

Conducting the Artful Interview

June 7
1-4:30 PM
Convention Center

“The thing to wait on, to reach there in time for, is the moment in which people reveal themselves.  You have to be ready, in yourself; you have to know the moment when you see it… Then when it does come, how unpredictable it turns out to be, after all.”    
—Eudora Welty

In this workshop, we’ll explore with participants the joy and challenge of the interview.  We’ll talk about that moment in which people reveal themselves and how to prepare yourself to meet it with respect and honor.  Participants will experiment with a range of interviewing techniques and polish their listening and observation skills. Consider the variables involved when you are interviewing a subject for print, radio or video. How much homework on your subject should you do in advance? How far can you veer from prepared questions? How can you put your subjects at ease and inspire trust? How can you get the most out of an interview when the time allowed is very short? Also covered in the class discussion: release forms, ethics of editing, and the role of the interviewer in framing the final story or documentary. Participants will conduct in-class interviews with each other, using digital video. The goal of the class is to help each participant become a more experienced and confident interviewer.

Use Your Smartphone or Tablet to Make a Documentary Film

June 8
9 AM – 12:30 PM
Convention Center

There are no more excuses.  If you own a smartphone, you can preserve those important stories from your family's history.  In this workshop, participants will talk about how to use the powerful camera in your iPhone, smartphone or iPad to make high quality video documentary.  Class discussion will cover lighting, audio, image composition, and editing options.  Participants will become acquainted with the latest gadgets (available and relatively inexpensive) that can improve your audio, camera steadiness, lighting, and more.  Other topics include media storage and how to shoot or scan other "B-roll" material—old photos, postcards, documents, and scenery-- to enhance your presentation.  (Please note that our primary focus will be on the use of Apple products simply because they are the easiest to use in concert with the best software options, but you can learn basic principles of shooting and getting good images and sound regardless of your equipment platform in this workshop.)