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Coca-Cola of Middlesboro is Business Partner with LMU.Railsplitter Business Partners

Since 1897, our mission has focused on providing educational experiences to the Appalachian region.  We want to ensure that any student who desires an education at LMU will be able to afford it.  That is why LMU awards over $7 million of institutional financial aid and more than $300,000 in endowed and annual scholarships every year. Hand in hand with our mission is the goal to encourage economic growth and development within the region.  From large corporations to small companies, we’re most pleased with the varied business leaders our university has produced and the economic drive so many of them have spurred over the years.  But, we want to do more, and we want your help.

Home Federal Bank is a Business Partner with LMU.Support the Railsplitter mission

Please consider making a gift of $1,000 or more in the name of your business to support the Lincoln Memorial University Annual Fund.  A strong Annual Fund enhances the school’s ability to sustain a team of gifted faculty and to develop and maintain quality facilities for the use of our students. Unrestricted gifts are particularly valuable because they are made with the foresight that the needs of LMU students and faculty change over time. These gifts permit the school to allocate resources where they are needed most during the current school year.

What else can you do?

In addition to a financial gift, please use your influence in the business community to encourage others to give.  Please let us know if you’re aware of a business who is in a position to support LMU’s mission.  Our school and our community are strongest when we work together towards the same goal.

Become a Railsplitter Business Partner

We pride ourselves on the many successful partnerships that allow us to prepare students for the future.  A gift at this level or higher would qualify your business as a Railsplitter Business Partner.  However, we’re looking for any ideas you may have for better names to reflect this special relationship.  Do you have a better name for this esteemed group of businesses leaders?  Let us know if you do.

By partnering with us now, you will aid in meeting the educational needs of the people of this region and beyond. 

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