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Establishing an Endowed Scholarship at LMU

Lincoln Memorial University believes students who have exhibited a desire for an education should have this opportunity and in keeping with our mission, LMU will provide every means possible for students to receive an education.

Numerous alumni and friends have given unselfishly of their resources to guarantee that all students have the opportunity for an education at LMU.

Endowed Scholarships
The interest earned from an endowed scholarship will be awarded to a student each year.  The endowment continues to grow from year to year and you or others may continue to contribute to the endowed scholarship at any time during the year and in future years.  This is a tremendous way to support our students.  Endowed scholarships start at $25,000 and may go up to any dollar amount.  In all publications, reports, lectures, speeches and public events, the name of the scholarship is listed and would be referred to as determined by the donor and Lincoln Memorial University.*  The University Awards Committee meets in January to begin the process of choosing students who meet the criteria for an endowed or annual** scholarship.  The Awards Ceremony is held each year in April and all donors are encouraged to attend.


The John and Mary Doe Endowed Scholarship
The John and Mary Doe Memorial Endowed Scholarship
The John and Mary Doe Endowed Scholarship in memory of Professor Bill Blain
The John and Mary Doe Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics

Establishing the Criteria for an Endowed Scholarship

  • The donor may state that a recipient must maintain a certain grade point average, such as 2.5 or 3.0.

  • The donor may want the scholarship to be awarded to a student from a particular geographic area.   We do ask that the scholarship criteria not be too restrictive so that LMU can serve the greatest number of students.  If you wish for the recipient to be from a certain geographic area, the Awards Committee can look for students in that area and if none are found, the committee will go to the next eligible students.

  • The donor may want the endowed scholarship to go to an entering freshman, and allow the recipient to apply for the scholarship during his or her sophomore and junior years if the student maintains the specified grade point average.

  • The donor may state that the endowed scholarship only go to a sophomore or junior.  Some feel that this allows a student to get settled in a major.

  • The donor may limit the endowed scholarship to a particular academic major.

  • The donor may allow the University to choose a student with an identified need.  This process is completed by the University Awards Committee.

**Annual scholarships are awarded each year when an annual gift is made.  Only the money in the account is awarded each year.  It does not accrue interest.  Checks should be made payable to Lincoln Memorial University and mailed to the address below.

University Advancement
Lincoln Memorial University
Cumberland Gap Parkway
P.O. Box 2005
Harrogate, TN 37752

423.869.7072 or 800.325.0900, ext. 7072