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This list includes a sampling of some of the University’s most noteworthy alumni. Contact the Office of Alumni Services if you know fellow Railsplitters who consistently represent LMU well.

Sam Anderson, Class of 1993
Tom Bohannon, Class of 1969
Randy Bumgardner, Class of 1983
Gary J. Burchett, Class of 1963
Lonas Bedford Chapman, 1938-1940
Phyllis Childs, Class of 1980
Shannon Coleman, Class of 1996
Deborah Davis, Class of 1976
Autry O.V. "Pete" DeBusk, Class of 1965
Zane Duncan, Class of 2008
Fred Fennell, Class of 1932
Ernie Fields, Class of 1929
Mary Betty Ford, Class of 1949
Richard Gillespie, Class of 1955
Ginger Glenn, Class of 2003
Jody Goins, Classes of 2004, 2005 and 2007
Pearl Goins, Classes of 1970 and 1990
Anthony Hall, Class of 1990
Lamar Hennon, Class of 1959
Paris Houston, Class of 1930
Kenneth Jones, 1975-1978
James Jordan, Class of 1955
Jack R. Kirstein, Class of 1958
James K. Mathews, Class of 1934
Tom Milhorn, Class of 1960
Mark Padgett, Classes of 2000 and 2002
Kelli Parker, Class of 1999
Jeanne Hahn Pedigo, Class of 1949
Don Pope, Class of 1952
Lon Reed, Class of 1926
George Scarbrough, Class of 1947
Scot Shields, Class of 1997
Roy Shoffner, Class of 1950
Henry Spencer, Class of 1947
M. Burns Stanley, Class of 1941
Eugene "Mose" Ward, Class of 1956
Dudley Williams, LMU Academy, Class of 1929-1930

Other Noteworthy Alumni

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