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Other Noteworthy Alumni

Wilson ScogginsClass of 1944, Wilson Scoggins –  career in teaching and in professional research spanned more than 30 years.  He was a faculty member at LMU from 1949-1952, and again from 19955-1957.  Scoggins also served two stints with Phillips Petroleum – 1952-1955 and 1957 until his retirement in 1982.  With Phillips, he conducted research in organic analytical chemistry with emphasis on determining very low concentrations of various organic species used in petroleum refining processes.


Class of 1984, Lisa Sanford Howard – successfully manages her own optometry practice in nearby Middlesboro, KY.  She is an active alumnae in LMU’s music program, frequently participating in the community chorus.


Rachel Peach DentonClass of 1985, Rachel Peach Denton – a teacher and coach in Rowlett, TX, received the 2004 Sharon Smith Memorial Fellowship of Christian Athletes Coach of the Year Award for the Dallas Metropolitan Area.  The presentation was made at the Dallas FCA Tom Landry Golf Classic Tee Banquet. She was also inducted into LMU's Athletes Hall of Fame in 2008.

Anil Kumar Argrawal Class of 1996, Anil Kumar Agrawal – was named one of 40 Under Forty in the September 2003 issue of The Business Journal of Tri-Cities Tennessee/ Virginia.  Agrawal is the chief operations officer at EcoQuest International, Inc., a multi-million dollar marketing and manufacturing company based in Greenville, Tenn.  In his spare time, he volunteers at the Regional Indo-American Community Center, where he has significantly contributed to the development of a worship hall and community center. "The individual attention I received from faculty and the opportunities I had to work closely with several student organizations and administrative departments at Lincoln Memorial University prepared me to be a successful leader in the business world and in community development. I don't believe that I would have had these opportunities at a larger university. The hospitality and friendliness of administrative staff and faculty was also wonderful and left me with great memories and relationships that I will cherish forever."


Nicole Hamati Justice Class of 2000 – Nicole Hamati Justice – is a teacher in Orlando, Florida.  Before entering the classroom, Nicole served as a sea turtle specialist at Nova Southeastern University.  One of her duties was to patrol the beaches of Florida and Costa Rica rescuing baby sea turtles as they hatched.