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The J. Frank White Academy program of study is designed to be completed in four years. Any student who does not pass a course must take summer school or a pre-approved correspondence or online course in order to graduate on time. Seniors who do not have all credits completed at the end of the senior year will not be allowed to participate in graduation exercises.

Not all the following courses are offered every year. Some are offered on an as-needed basis:

Grammar & Writing Co-Requisite English I
English I Co-Requisite Grammar & Writing
English II Writing Pre-Requisite English I
English II Literature Pre-Requisite English I
English III Pre-Requisite English II
English IV Pre-Requisite English III
Research Design/Writing
Creative Writing

Algebra IA
Algebra 1B
Geometry Pre-Requisite Algebra I
Algebra IIA Pre-Requisite Algebra I and Geometry
Algebra IIA Pre-Requisite Algebra I and Geometry
Statistics - Pre-Requisite Algebra I and Geometry
Pre-Calculus A Pre-Requisites Algebra II and Geometry
Pre-Calculus B Pre-Requisites Algebra II and Geometry
Calculus Pre-Requisite Pre- Calculus

Beginning Art
Advanced Art Pre-Requisite Beginning Art
Beginning Strings
Advanced Strings
Creative Writing *can also be taken for English credit
Journalism *can also be taken for English credit

Physical Science
Biology I
Biology II Pre-Requisite Biology I
Chemistry I Pre-Requisite Algebra I and Physical Science
Chemistry II Pre-Requisite Chemistry I and Algebra II
Physical World Concepts
Anatomy and Physiology Pre-Requisite Biology I, Chemistry I or Physical Science
Physics Pre-Requisite Biology I, Algebra II and Geometry
Scientific Research

American History
Personal Finance
Wilderness Road
Government ½ credit
World History
World Geography ½ credit
Tennessee History ½ credit

Spanish I
Spanish II Pre-Requisite Spanish I
Spanish III Pre-Requisite Spanish II
Spanish IV Pre-Requisite Spanish III
Japanese I
Japanese II

WELLNESS (Health and Physical Education)
Fitness and Conditioning (does not count for required wellness credit)
Weight Training

Flex Block
Students will have an alternating 25 minute afternoon flex block or break. Instructional themes relevant to each grade level are followed during Flex Block and students will receive a mark of either satisfactory or unsatisfactory intended to measure their engagement, participation, cooperation, etc.

During Flex Block, students in the 7th and 8th grades focus on acquiring good study skills and are also helped to prepare for the TCAP Test. Students in the 9th grade learn study strategies, and those in the 10th prepare for the Science and Reasoning Components of the ACT. Junior level Flex Block emphasizes preparation for the Math Component of the ACT and, as with the seniors, overall training for the rigors of college academics and life.

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