Emily ThompsonStudent with laptop

Hello and welcome to my informational LMU page! My name is Emily Thompson – I am a junior from Tazewell, Tennessee and am working to earn my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. My goal is to eventually earn my Ph.D. and become a research chemist.   

Being from the local area, I have always known that LMU was a university right here in my backyard. Not only was it a perfect fit for me because of its location ~ I chose to attend LMU because I enjoy the atmosphere that the school provides. I love the personal attention that comes from having such small class sizes.

During my time thus far at LMU, I have worked alongside Dr. Steve Everly on researching and synthesizing ferrocene containing azo dyes. These are dyes that use the iron atom of ferrocene to impact the electron density of the dye molecule. By altering the distribution of electrons in the molecule, it is possible to produce dyes with different colors.
In addition to the lab work required to produce the dyes, I have also been fortunate enough to use many of the analytical tools offered by LMU. This includes the use of NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) and UV-vis (ultraviolet-visible) spectroscopy to help determine the molecular structure of any of the dyes produced.

The LMU Chemistry Department offers an incredible range of classes. The courses I have taken have helped me to build a very detailed and comprehensive base for any future work. The classes cover every major area of chemistry (organic, physical, inorganic, and analytical). The department also offers courses that deal with more specialized areas of chemistry, such as medicinal chemistry or a more focused approach to organic chemistry.

My favorite part of my time at LMU has been the relationships that I have built with the professors and with my fellow students. I could never have anticipated the impact that these people would have had on my life. I encourage you to contact the Office of Admissions to plan a visit to campus ~ explore campus, speak with a professor and see what LMU is all about!