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Psychologists fill many different roles: for example, they work

As teachers - psychologists teach the discipline of psychology in universities, four-year and two-year colleges, and high schools;

As researchers - psychologists are employed by universities, government, the military and business to do basic and applied studies of human behavior;

As service providers - psychologists work with people who are coping with problems or suffering from mental or emotional disorders, by assessing their needs and providing appropriate treatment; they sometimes work with families;

As administrators - psychologists work as managers in hospitals, mental health clinics, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, schools, universities, and businesses; and

As consultants - psychologists with special expertise are hired by organizations to advise on the subject or problem in which the consultant is an expert. These projects can include designing a marketing survey, organizing out-patient mental health services for adolescents, and consulting with teachers to facilitate children's learning and mental health.

Whether you are interested in computers, human services, management, education, high technology, sports, or many other fields, you are likely to find psychologists working in that field.