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LMU Psychology Program

Angel Farmer, Missie Wenger, Stephanie Shockley, and Stacey Janetos, 2001 Interns and Graduates


Our program has the distinction of being the only college or university in our region and one of very few nationally to require an extensive internship for completion of the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. This additional requirement comes after the student has successfully completed a curriculum modeled on the recommended guidelines and standards of the American Psychological Association. Moreover, the internship and its on-the-job training and work experience enables our students to be hired for better entry-level jobs much sooner than would be the case otherwise. Over half of the students are offered jobs at their internship site. The internship also strengthens the student’s application for graduate study. In short, every student tells us, “I now understand why we studied what we did and how it can be and is used in practice. I know now that I like doing this work, that I am good at it because I am as good as or better than many of the graduate students interning with me, and I know what I want to do and how to get even better.”

Senior psychology majors complete a 300/450 clock hour field experience in a facility providing psychological services during the spring semester in PSYC 498, Seminar and Internship in Psychological Services.

Placement agencies include:

Morristown Hamblen Hospital Center for Behavioral Health and Partial Hospitalization Program, Morristown, TN

Helen Ross McNabb Werner Center Residential Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Program, Louisville, TN

            Helen Ross McNabb Children and Youth Center, Knoxville, TN

Helen Ross McNabb Center Pointe Adult Residential and Outpatient Center, Knoxville, TN

St. Mary's Adult Psychiatric Program, Knoxville, TN

Gero-Psychiatric Center, St. Mary's Hospital, LaFollette, TN
Holston Home for Children, Greeneville, TN

Supervisor Quotes

"I have been able to concurrently supervise both a bachelor level intern from Lincoln Memorial University and master level interns from the University of Tennessee.  It was quite a remarkable outcome that the LMU student was equally capable to handle herself professionally and clinically within a treatment environment.  This is a definite compliment to LMU's dedication to a curriculum which emphasizes practice skills and an overall knowledge base which sets the student up for success in the mental health arena."

Douglas King, Director
Peninsula Lighthouse Program
Knoxville, TN

"My experiences with Lincoln Memorial students have been excellent.  Students are not only well rounded in psychological theory, but are prepared to face the practical challenges in the real work environment.

Joan Elliot, Director
Indian Path Pavilion
Kingsport, TN


"From my experiences as a graduate of LMU's psychology program, as a mental health counselor, and as a graduate student, I believe I received a better clinical preparation and broader theoretical base than those I have observed from graduate programs in the area."

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