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Major Requirements

    PSYC 100

    Introduction to Psychology

    3 cr hrs

    Introductory survey of the science of psychology, providing a foundation for further study of behavior. Fall, Spring


    PSYC 221

    Developmental Psychology: Conception -Adolescence

    3 cr hrs

    Basic theories and principles of human growth and development from conception through adolescence. Emphasis on physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development. Fall, Spring


    PSYC 222

    Developmental Psychology: Adulthood-Death

    3 cr hrs

    Physical, social, cognitive, and psychological development during young adulthood, middle age, and the later years. Includes grief, death, and dying. Recommended antecedent: PSYC 221. Spring


    PSYC 250

    Interpersonal & Group Dynamics

    3 cr hrs

    Systematic approach to skills of communication that facilitate effective verbal and nonverbal communication between individuals and within groups; interviewing and individual and group counseling.  Fall


    PSYC 280

    Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences

    3 cr hrs

    Introductory statistics course from the perspective of the social sciences. Descriptive and inferential statistics typically used in social science research are presented. Purpose and application of each procedure within the research enterprise is emphasized. Spring


    PSYC 290

    Human Learning & Cognition

    3 cr hrs

    Survey of learning theories including behaviorism, transitional, gestalt, developmental, postformal, information processing, artificial intelligence, and network models. Factors influencing learning, such as memory, attention, metacognition, and motivation are investigated. Recommended antecedent: PSYC 100. Spring


    PSYC 310

    Thanatology: Death & Dying

    3 cr hrs

    Death conceptualization and personalization; includes historical, philosophical, psychosocial, legal, medical, and spiritual responses to dying. Emphasis on suicide, grief, and thanatological counseling & therapy. Spring, Alternative years


    PSYC 311

    Psychological Theories & Systems I

    3 cr hrs

    Examines historical development of psychology as a science and profession with emphasis on evolution on psychodynamic and behavioral theories and schools. Prerequisite: PSYC 100. Fall


    PSYC 312

    Psychological Theories & Systems II

    3 cr hrs

    Examines humanistic, cognitive, Neo-Reichian, existential, and transpersonal theories; integration and synthesis of psychological theory. Prerequisite: PSYC 100. Recommended antecedent: PSYC 311. Spring


    PSYC 340

    Abnormal Psychology

    3 cr hrs

    Overview of types, causes, symptoms, and treatments of the various mental disorders with emphasis on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Prerequisite: PSYC 100. Spring


    PSYC 350

    Social Psychology

    3 cr hrs

    Social factors of human behavior including social influence, group process, and the interplay of individuals, groups and the total society are examined. Prerequisites: PSYC 100, SOCI 100, Fall


    PSYC 370

    Educational Psychology

    3 cr hrs

    Psycho-educational aspects of the teaching-learning environment. Includes application of psychological theories to education, psychological processes, and psycho-social variables relating to learning and assessment of performance. Prerequisite: PSYC 221. Fall, Spring


    PSYC 380

    Research in Behavioral Sciences

    3 cr hrs

    Basic techniques, methodologies, procedures, and designs of behavioral science research. Includes application of psychological theories to education, psychological processes, and psycho-social variables relating to learning and assessment of performance. Prerequisite: PSYC 221. Fall, Spring


    PSYC 390

    Physiological & Perceptual Psychology

    3 cr hrs

    Study of the psychological mechanisms and perceptual systems that underlie human experience, with an emphasis on the central nervous system. Includes information processing, attention, perception, memory, and dysfunctions. Prerequisite: PSYC 100. Fall


    PSYC 420

    The Psychology of Aging

    3 cr hrs

    Psychology of aging, abnormality and mental health of elderly are examined. Assessment, treatment, individual and group counseling are covered. Recommended antecedents: PSYC 340, SOCI 350. Spring, Alternate Years


    PSYC 460

    Counseling Theories & Techniques

    4 cr hrs

    Examines concepts, principles, theories, techniques, and areas of specialization in counseling and psychotherapy. Includes training in counseling skills with clients. Prerequisites: PSYC 100, 250, 340. Fall


    PSYC 470

    Psychological Tests & Measurements

    3 cr hrs

    Overview of principles and techniques of test construction, administration, scoring, and interpretation. Includes basic measurement concepts and statistics employed in testing; issues and ethics related to testing; issues and ethics related to testing; and a survey of specific tests/inventories and their applications. Prerequisites: PSYC 100, 280. Fall


    PSYC 480

    Experimental Psychology

    3 cr hrs

    Historical overview of experimental methodology, techniques, and ethics in the field of psychology, with an emphasis on current practice. Includes involvement in designing a study, collecting and analyzing data, and reporting on the research. Prerequisites: PSYC 100, 280, 380. Fall


    PSYC 498

    Seminar & Internship in Psychological Services

    12 cr hrs

    Weekly seminar and supervised internship experience of 450 hours during the senior year with an agency or organization offering psychological services. Prerequisites: Senior status, PSYC 460, 470. Spring

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