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Political Science

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The LMU Political Science degree is one of many degrees located in the Department of Social Sciences at LMU.  The mission of the Department of Social Sciences is:

The Department of Social Sciences is committed to providing quality educational opportunities that incorporate a balanced emphasis on theory, research, practice, community service, social justice, and personal growth.

What is Political Science?

The Political Studies degree will not simply teach you about government and how we are governed; it will explain the ends that government is meant to achieve; the conditions of the good life. Political Science is not only about politicians and governments, but about all the groups and organizations which influence politics- national and multinational companies, trade unions, civil society groups - and their effect upon the wellbeing of the citizen. As a student of Political Science, you will also explore the fundamental political concepts which shape our daily life: justice, freedom, power, and citizenship. You will consider how factors such as the economy, ethnicity, gender, and ecology reflect and produce changes in political thought and how all these ideas are translated into practice.  In this way, you will emerge from your studies in Political Science equipped for political engagement in many contexts.

Four Year Plan - Political Science

What courses will you take?

In your first year, you’ll complete courses where you’ll learn about the national and subnational governments.  The second year, you will complete courses in public policy, economics, and the legal/judicial system.  The third year, you begin upper division courses in constitutionalism, how laws are made, international politics and the comparison of government structures of other countries.  The last year will include courses in political theory, major elective choices, an internship and a final seminar.

What minors might go well with a political science degree?

There are many ways to supplement your political science degree.  You could minor in criminal justice, psychology, business, history or even one of the sciences such as biology or environmental science.  Each of these will help guide you to professional experiences that will lead to career choices and opportunities as well as professional and graduate courses of study.

What continued learning experiences can evolve from my political science degree?

One of the values of a Political Science degree is that it will help move you toward law school. LMU’s Duncan School of Law is a natural fit for an LMU political science degree recipient, as long as all admissions requirements are met.  You might also be attracted to graduate degrees in areas outside of political science such as:  a master’s in public administration, masters in business administration, or a master’s degree in economics, history and others.

What jobs will be open to me with a political science degree?

You will be eligible to apply for jobs in government at all levels (one in five positions in the US labor force are government or government funded positions).  You will be able to apply for positions in large organizations such as colleges and universities, hospitals, health care systems, international corporations, justice institutions, and all areas that require organization, leadership and political skills.

For more information, please see the chair of the Department of Social Sciences, Dr. Christy Cowan: