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Dear Prospective LPN-ASN Student,

Thank you for your interest in the LPN-ASN program at Lincoln Memorial University (LMU)!  Please find enclosed the LPN-ASN curriculum plan. 
Students may be admitted to the LPN-ASN option on a space available basis each semester at the different nursing sites where NURS 124 & NURS 126 is offered.  You may apply for admission to either the Spring or Fall semester at one of our four nursing sites. The student will attend nursing courses over three semesters, with no summer courses required.      

Requirements for LPNs desiring to apply for the A.S.N. program include:

  1. Be a graduate of an accredited practical nursing program
  2. Show proof of a valid non-restricted LPN license
  3. Have validation of one year of current working experience as an LPN
  4. Complete a minimum of 20 hours of general education courses which will include:
    • BIOL 250 Human Anatomy
    • BIOL 260 Human Physiology
    • Math 101 or higher
  5. Apply and be accepted to Lincoln Memorial University
  6. Apply and be accepted into the A.S.N. Program.

Admission will be based upon the qualifications of the applicant, space availability, and the meeting of conditions for acceptance.  You will be notified from LMU for your acceptance into the University.  You will be notified from the LMU Department of Nursing regarding your acceptance status into the LPN-ASN program. 
Prior to the start of classes, Orientation, Registration and Advising will be scheduled.  This information will be enclosed in the acceptance letter if admitted to the LPN-ASN program.   
If we can be of further assistance in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-325-0900, ext. 6324.  Good luck to you in your future endeavors! We hope LMU can assist you in achieving your career goals in nursing.


Mary Anne Modrcin, PhD, RN
Professor and Dean
LMU Caylor School of Nursing

Tammy Dean, MSN, RN
Chair, ASN Program
LMU Caylor School of Nursing