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LPN-ASN Curriculum Plan

Prior to admission to the LPN-ASN program, the LPN student is required to have completed a minimum of 20 hours of General Education courses which include:

Course Credit Hours
BIOL 261 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIOL 262 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
MATH 105 or higher  3-5
Semester Credit Hours 11-13

Other General Education courses suggested to be completed prior to admission:

Course Credit Hours
BIOL 230 Mircobiology      4
ENG 110 Freshman Writing    3
PSYC 221 Dev. Psychology: Conception-Adolescence    3
Semester Credit Hours 10

Semester 1

Course Credit Hours
*NURS 124 Humans as Adaptive Systems 5
NURS 126 Promotion of Adaptation in the Psychosocial Modes      3
Remaining General Education courses (such as COMM 200)  3
Semester Credit Hours 11

Semester 2

Course Credit Hours
NURS 241  Promotion of Adaptation in Adults I   7
NURS Specialty course (NURS 245 or NURS 246)  3 or 4
Remaining General Education courses (ENGL 210, World History or Fine Art)    3
Semester Credit Hours 13-14

Semester 3

Course Credit Hours
NURS 244  Promotion of Adaptation in Adults II    5
Remaining NURS Specialty course (NURS 245 or NURS 246)     3 or 4
NURS 290 Nursing Seminar  1
Remaining General Education courses (such as ISYS 100 and LNCN 100) 3
Semester Credit Hours 12-13

The ASN-RN Curriculum Plan includes eight (8) credits for LPN Mobility. Six (6) credit hours are awarded once the LPN has submitted proof of a valid non-restricted LPN license. The two (2) additional credit hours are awarded once the LPN has submitted validation of one year of current working experience as an LPN.                                                                                                      8

                                              Total LPN-ASN Program Credit Hours = 66-68

Please note: Student will be responsible for Special Credit (SC) fees the semester these credits are awarded as stated in the current LMU Undergraduate Catalog.

Rev: 6/22/12