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2015-2016 Catalog

2014-2015 Catalog

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Master of Science (MS)

Admissions Requirements

Generally policies will follow existing LMU policies for master’s degree programs.  Any specific differences related to the Master of Science program or the study tracks within the degree program are included in the Master of Science Graduate Catalog.

Undergraduate Requirements

Students wishing to enter the Master of Science program must have a completed Bachelor’s Degree from an institution with regional accreditation or equivalent verification in the case of international degrees.  International degrees must follow university policies in existence for certifying international degrees and/or credit.

Required minimum undergraduate course work in the natural sciences and mathematics include the following:

Mathematics 6 credit hours at the College Algebra level or higher
Biological Sciences 16 credit hours with labs
Chemistry 16 credit hours including 8 hours of Organic Chemistry with labs
Physics 8 credit hours of algebra or calculus based courses with labs

Strongly recommended coursework includes the following:
  • Ethics
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Immunology

Admissions Policy Overview

The application cycle for the 2016-17 class will run from October 15, 2015 through June 15, 2016.  Background checks will be required for all majors within the MS program. 

Due to a significant increase in the number of program applicants for the 2015-16 class, new guidelines have been put into place for the upcoming 2016-17 year.   Please note these changes for each major as shown through the following links:

Anatomical Sciences
Biomedical Professions (medical and veterinary tracks)
Life Science Research
Life Science Teaching